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May 23, 2012
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"I am so awesome."

If you check in the dictionary for the definition of awesome, Gilbert would be there…well…according to him, it was.

"Then all of a sudden, the awl so awamzing, spectacular, awl so awesome adventurer explorer in awl of the world, _________ _________,  is about to face her wost toughest journey!
To go.

Even just being a little, cute child, you were such the adventurous one. Always escaping from home to go explore the world. Just to explore every detail and discovery about this world was your main priority…well besides education and other things as your mom would say to remind you. But so, you would always go on your adventures everyday.

Grabbing your well decorated and glittery paper towel telescope, "How are we going to be getting through this dangavous jungle, Colette?" you ask your trusty bird companion as you look through your telescope.

"Cheep! Cheep!"

"You're right! We must go through it strongly!" Ready, Colette? In! Go!" You started running towards the tall grass when all of sudden a faint scream stopped you. Then all of a sudden, you heard it again.

"I am awesome.I am awesome.I am awesome.


You saw a little, gray-haired kid run past you with a card-board looking sword going towards your direction.
"Get out of the way because I'm awesome!" he screamed at you as you got out of the way.

"No! I'm awesomer!" You yelled back as you started chasing after him.
As you ran after him, you noticed he also had a bird companion, but it was yellow.
However, you were not going to allow this boy to explore or venture here before you dd.

"Dun dun dun dun dunnn! As the amazing ____________ ventures through this wild world, she checks her surroundings for mysterious figures. Left. Right. Left. Right. Up. Down. Up. Down. All around, she checks. Bum bum bum. She finally reaches her destination. She looks again fo-"

"___________! What the hell are you doing on the ground?"

Even as you grew still were your adventurous self...even still narrating all your adventures and moves.

"Oh, hey.....Raquel...what are you doing at the park?" you respond to your friend as you got up from the ground whom you wonder why she was there.

"__________! We went over this a million billion times! I called you and asked you and reminded you all the time about this! 'Oh, ________. Would you love to hang out with me at the park, sometime?' and your response was 'Mhmmmmmm' and now I'm here."

"Well, at least I got that awesome instinct of going to the park for an awesome reason. If I wasn't so awesome, you would have been so lonl-"

"Yeah! Yeah! I know." she says to vigorously. " c'mon silly adventurer. Let's have this picnic."

"Well, then let's make haste, my friend! you say as you start skipping away to go find a spot inside the park for you and your friend to go sit and rest.

"Dun nu nu nu na na! As ___________ looks for the perfect location, she senses her loyal companion coming her way!" Just as you said that, you saw a little puffball flying through the air towards you.

"Colette! You came just as I told you." you said to the puffball as you caught it in your hands.

"Ha, ha, ha…hmmmmm? Colette?" Something was wrong. With your great instincts, you knew that this little puffball wasn't not your loyal companion.
"Colette?" You answer to the puffball to see if you would at least get an answer.


From those manly sounding chirps, you knew that this little puffball was not yours. You open your hands quickly to see a yellow bird instead of a white one with feathers of a dove. "Whatt-hatt-whhat? Colette?!" you scream out in panic trying to look around to find your lost companion. Then all of a sudden, the yellow puffball started to fly away. "Hey! Wait!" you yell at it started flying away. Since yours was already lost, you didn't want this one to get lost as well.

"Wait! Hold up!" You started chasing after it since it wasn't listening to you and it kept getting farther and farther away from you making you run faster. You kept on running and running.

That's when you started narrating again.

"The mighty _______ runs after the animal, trying to catch up and catch it quickly. She running faster than the speed of lighten- No wait! Faster than a speeding bulle- No! Faster than a- oof!" when until all of a sudden you ran into something.

"Hey! What the fuck?! Did someone just bump into the awesome me?!" the certain something said angrily with that certain something being a certain somebody.

Lying your hand on your forehead, "I'm sorry, I was chasing this bird and then lik-he-hey! There he is!" you said pointing to his shoulder where the little, annoying puffball was sitting at. "I'm just going to take him now and uh-" As you said those words, you felt a sudden grip on your hand.

"Whoa oh oh. Whoa. This is my awesome bird and you're not just going to just take him away from me!"

"Oh…he's yours? Well, I just need to find my own bird…hmmmmmm. Hey!" You saw your bird sitting on the man's shoulder. "What the….are you just attracting birds to you or what?"

"Well, of course. The awesome me attracts everyone and everything, even birds." he flirts to you. "Just like you…because I'm so awesome!"

Scoffing, "Well, not really. I just came here just to save your bird and also I was trying to find my bird as well…soooo. I guess I'll be leaving. C'mon, Colette." you cry out to her as you see her perch from his shoulder onto yours, but as she did, the yellow one landed on your shoulder as well. "No no no, you go back to him." you say to him before you started walking away.

"Seee. Even the awesome Gilbird doesn't want…uhhhhh…Colette to go either."

"Listen, ok. I'm not interested and will never fall for your lame pickup lines, 'kay? I need to go anyway and I don't care if your bird's with me, I'm going!" you said urgently as you started pacing back to find your friend again.

"Wait wait! Hold up! How could you not fall for my awesome flirting skills? I am so awesome!"

"You tend to say awesome a lot, don't you?"

"Well, yeah because I'm awesome!"

"There you go again, ha ha. You remind me of a childhood friend who always said that word. Just all the time, he would say."

"Well, I bet I was awesome than him! Hmmmmmm? Where did you go?" he then said trying to look for you.


"But my Gilbird!"
Here's a Prussia x Reader!
Since Gilbert's so awesome, he needs more love!
Also since there was no more room in the title space, this is part 1.
Again this was rushed.
So I could help the country x reader readers~

More coming soon!
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